Environmental/ sustainability benefits

Environmental/ sustainability benefits:

  • Palm oil free
  • Vegan
  • Reduced water waste
  • Recyclable packaging


Palm oil free:

Unlike many big toothpaste brands, our product is palm oil free. Whilst palm oil in itself isn’t necessarily a “bad” product, the destructive methods of its production makes it so. Adding this to toothpaste is the bit that makes it foamy - it doesn’t have a health benefit! By removing this, using toothpaste tabs can feel different than a traditional gel toothpaste and can take a little time to get used to!



There are so many products we use daily where we are just completely unaware of what’s in them! Many traditional toothpastes can contain animal derived products (such as glycerin) and some are still tested on animals. & Smile tablets do neither, making it the ethical vegan choice.


Reduced water usage:

Tubes of toothpaste can contain up to 40% water. That’s the same stuff running through your taps at home! By removing the liquid, we can reduce the amount of water waste in production, minimise packaging and reduce shipping weights making it more environmentally friendly to distribute as well.



We made a choice to use small aluminium tins - a lightweight material that can be widely recycled. We also love that it reminds us of the old 35mm film canisters! We’ve also ensured our shipping packaging is plastic free and where possible made from recycled materials.