Shiny, Sparkly, Whiter Teeth At Home: The How To Guide

Understanding how to make teeth whiter at home is as much about the products you use as it is the way you use them. Of course, home teeth whitening remedies will never get them pearly white, but there’s plenty you can do to keep staining at bay.

GudYu’s toothpaste tablets contain all the natural whitening aids you need to keep your teeth healthy at home. So, along with using them, what else can you do?

Here are some tips for teeth whitening at home. First, let’s look at what can stain your teeth. 

What Creates Stains on Our Teeth?

There are a few reasons why your teeth might look discoloured with a yellow or brown tinge. Unsurprisingly, they’re linked to what you eat and how you care for your teeth. These include:

Food and Drink 

Some foods and drinks can stain the enamel on your teeth, causing it to look yellow. Some of the worst culprits include tea and coffee, fruit juice, and tomato-based foods. If left unchecked, these can cause your teeth’s enamel to stain. These stains can only be removed via dental cleaning, so it’s best to use whitening toothpaste at home to stop them from setting in the first place.


Plague build-up can range from almost colourless to a browny-yellow tinge. If you can see fuzzy coloured stuff around the top of your teeth, it’s most likely plaque build-up. You can remove most of this by brushing with a gentle abrasive material (such as our toothpaste tabs).

If left alone however, the plaque build-up can into tartar, or calculus, to use its proper dental name. This is almost impossible to remove at home and will mean a trip to a dental hygienist. As such, we recommend a bi-annual trip to the dentist to ensure this build-up is prevented.

Enamel Erosion

Finally, eroded enamel can expose the dentine in your teeth, which is the inside, softer layer. This isn’t as white as enamel, so looks yellow in comparison. Once enamel is eroded, it unfortunately can’t be put back and as such, it’s important to use products with remineralising ingredients. These help your enamel repair itself before the erosion becomes too severe. Fluoride and hydroxyapatite are actually two ingredient that help protect enamel, which is why you find them in toothpaste.

Whilst fluoride has its proven benefits, overusing fluoride, particularly for younger children has its risks. If this happens too much before they turn 8 (when their permanent teeth are developing), it can lead to something called fluorosis. This is caused by overexposure to fluoride and can actually leave the teeth discoloured.

...Another reason why toothpaste tabs are a great idea – there’s no risk of using too much as they are formulated to the exact quantities.

Top Tips for Home Teeth Whitening 

Now that we’ve covered why your teeth might be stained, let’s look at how to make teeth whiter. Much of this revolves around prevention and there’s no better time to start than right now.

Here are some top tips for how to make teeth whiter at home.

1. Watch what you eat and drink

Sure, it’d be impossible to completely cut out every food and drink that stains your teeth. After all, what would life be without tea, coffee, and wine? But what you can do is be careful about when you eat or drink these problematic items.

For example, you could try to avoid drinking tea or coffee when you don’t have your toothbrush (and toothpaste tabs) to hand. If that’s impossible, rinse your mouth out with a glass of water to minimise the risk of staining.

2. Floss

Flossing and brushing is the best combination for removing plaque. Floss can get into the gaps between your teeth that your brush can’t quite reach. So, make sure you whip out the floss (a sustainable one, of course!) to help with your teeth whitening routine. 

3. Waiting to brush

It’s pretty common knowledge that you should brush your teeth twice a day. But knowing when to brush is equally important. The purpose of brushing – as well as many of the ingredients in toothpaste – is to minimise the amount of acid in your mouth. Acid is bad news for enamel.

So, there’s little point in brushing your teeth if the acid is already there. If you eat or drink something (especially anything acidic such as coffee or tomatoes), wait at least 20 minutes before brushing. This’ll give your enamel time to re-harden, meaning you won’t do damage by brushing.

But how does this help with teeth whitening? Well, as we mentioned, enamel erosion can make your teeth look yellow, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. As such, it’s best to do everything you can to preserve your enamel, including waiting to brush.

4. Make sure you’re getting plenty of calcium

We all know calcium is vital for strong teeth and bones, so make sure you’re getting enough of it in your diet. While it can’t repair your enamel, it can help remineralise it, which simply means repairing what’s actually there.

Dairy is a popular source of calcium, but plenty of veggies contain it, too. Broccoli, kale, spinach, and squash are all great choices if dairy isn’t your thing. Making sure your diet contains plenty of calcium will keep your teeth healthy on the inside while you keep them clean on the outside.

5. Choose the right toothpaste

Brushing your teeth means very little if you don’t use the best toothpaste for the job. One of the best solutions for how to make teeth whiter at home is to ensure your toothpaste contains whitening agents. Of course, it helps if they’re completely natural, too.

GudYu’s toothpaste tablets contain natural whitening agents such as calcium carbonate and silica. These are natural abrasives that’ve been used in toothpaste for thousands of years. Whereas some commercial brands contain chemical whiteners, ours are completely natural and help with teeth whitening in the old-school way.

Abrasives help whiten teeth by removing plaque and surface stains. Remember, no toothpaste will remove existing stains – brushing your teeth is more about stopping them from happening in the first place.

Although you might see some disagreement about whether abrasive toothpaste is safe to use, this depends on the level of abrasiveness in your toothpaste. GudYu tabs are gentle on your teeth but tough on stains and they’re perfect for daily use to keep your teeth shiny and clean without any damage.

Choosing a toothpaste tab also ensures the exact level of fluoride is provided with each brush. This means no overuse and no fluorosis! You just pop a tab in your mouth, chew for 3 seconds, and brush as normal, always spit after brushing and don’t swallow.

Keep Your Teeth Sparkly White with GudYu

Keeping teeth white at home is pretty much entirely about prevention. The bottom line is to be mindful about what you eat and when, therefore minimising any damage to your teeth’s enamel.

If you’d like to try GudYu’s toothpaste tabs to see how they help with your teeth whitening routine, pay only £1 for our 14-tab trial. There’s no obligation to continue if you don’t love them, but we’re certain you will!