Read All About It! Who Gives A Crap About The Smol Changes We Make At Home?

We totally do, and that’s why we bring you our list of our Hottest 2024 Eco-Brands.

Eco-friendly products are a big deal in the GudYu household. Considering sustainable living is a key component of our branding, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we all live our best eco lives at home too, and we love what some of these brands are doing...

Our List of Hottest Eco-Friendly Brands in 2024

1. Smol – Our Best for Laundry

Smol is a sustainable cleaning company that has you covered for everything from laundry to household cleaning. Pods get delivered in the post and you can buy reusable bottles to cut down on plastic waste. All delivery packages are cardboard, so fully recyclable and they’re even child-lock safe!

Smol offers free trials and starter kits, giving you plenty of options to try out their products. Not only do the products work brilliantly and the pricing is comparable, the user interface and ability to chop and change your order, delivery date etc, is what we’ve come to expect from online platforms, easy to use, simple and very effective.

2. Who Gives a Crap – Our Best for Toilet Time

You’ve probably already heard of Who Gives a Crap, after all, the loud name and equally loud packaging are pretty eye-catching. But if you haven’t, this is a company that sells eco-friendly toilet paper. Better yet, deliveries are carbon-neutral and 50% of profits go towards building toilets in underserved communities. Its main products are either made from bamboo or recycled paper, and everything comes in plastic-free packaging.

On the surface, it looks pricey for toilet paper, but its rolls are double length (400 sheets rather than 150), meaning it should last you twice as long – one can only hope 😉

3. Ocean Saver – Our Best for Cleaning House

Ocean Saver is pretty similar to Smol in how it makes and ships its products. It supplies concentrated cleaning pods that you simply dissolve in water. There’s a wide range of different products, from floor cleaner to antibacterial spray. Of course, you can buy bottles too, or just reuse the ones you already own.

All Ocean Saver’s cleaning products are plant-based and non-toxic, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers. Every part of the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, so they’re ideal for an eco-house.

Like other eco brands on this list, the online system is a breeze. You can schedule repeat deliveries and buy in bulk so you never have to worry about running out.

4. The Little Loop – Our Best for Kid’s Clothing

The Little Loop were featured on Dragon’s Den not too long ago and offer a children’s clothing rental model. You simply choose your plan, choose your clothes, get them delivered and swap them when you don’t need them anymore.

Pricing is reasonable, as they say, you save a third on kids clothing and with key brands such as John Lewis, Hunter and Boo and Piccalilly, the sustainable and ethical clothing model is catching on fast!

5. Lush – Our Best for Makeup

Honestly, Lush is the company to beat when it comes to sustainable makeup and soaps. A lot of its product line is packaging-free or refillable. Some items do still come in plastic containers, but they’re all made from recycled materials and can be taken back to your local store for recycling. As an added bonus, you get a free face mask if you return 5 pots! Everything is vegan and cruelty-free, and Lush has been a leader in these fields for many years.

Yes, we could’ve featured a lesser-known brand, but Lush knows what it’s doing in terms of eco-friendly products and its place on the high street means it’s more convenient than a lot of its competitors.

6. Suri – Our Best for Toothbrushes

Coming soon, and we’re excited! We wouldn’t be much of a sustainable toothpaste company if we didn’t have a hook-up for a sustainable toothbrush, would we? While you could run out for a bamboo manual brush, Suri has got you covered for a sustainable electric toothbrush.

Yes, that’s right, your prayers have been answered. You can buy the body and heads directly from Suri. The body itself is pretty standard, but the heads are plant-based (made from corn starch and castor oil). And Suri go a step further by offering a recycling service for the toothbrush heads.

7. Little Hoppa – Our Best for Baby Life

Little Hoppa makes completely plastic-free kids’ toys and accessories. If reviewing solely on price, they do look a bit on the high side, however the quality is a step above the rest and when you plan on using and reusing for several kids, these will stand the test of time.

Not to mention a better resale value than plastic, when your time comes to pass it on.

8. Orblue – Our Best for Food Storage

Orblue’s Silicone Storage Lids address the problem of sustainable food storage. You simply stretch them over a bowl or container and bam! your food is airtight and ready for the fridge.

The goal is to do away with single-use cling film or foil and plastic storage containers. Orblue’s lids answer all those issues and more.

A pack of 6 will cover you for all kinds of container and food sizes, meaning you’ll never have to worry about cling film again!

Getting Sustainable with GudYu

We could hardly not mention our sustainable toothpaste tabs, now could we! They’re zero-waste, zero plastic and are derived from natural ingredients. Plus, we make them right here in the UK, so shipping is as low-impact as it can be.

GudYu toothpaste tabs will give you the great cleaning you need for your teeth, but in a sustainable zero-waste package.

Sign up for our 14-tab trial to give them a go, we know you’ll love them as much as we do!